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About Us.

Gimme A Break is a production company based in Stockholm, Sweden founded in 2014 by Erika Wasserman.


This fall Wasserman’s debut as a director, the drama comedy ”The Year I Started Masturbating” was released in cinemas in Sweden and Denmark in the fall of 2022 to great reviews. The film has been nominated for a Guldbagge (Swedish National Award) for Best Actress in a Leading Role to Katia Winter as "Hanna". The film is released digitally January 23rd in Scandinavia. 


Wasserman has 13 years of experience as a producer and previously founded the production company Idyll where she produced award-winning features BORDER (Ali Abbasi) that won the Certain Regard in Cannes, AVALON (Axel Petersén) which was awarded for Best Debut Feature in Toronto, UNDER THE PYRAMID (Axel Petersén), THE QUIET ROAR (Henrik Hellström) MAN TÄNKER SITT (Berlinale; Henrik Hellström, Fredrik Wenzel), as well as the American co-production BLUEBIRD (Lance Edmands).

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